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Preparation for APICS CPIM Certification - Sample Tests


APICS CPIM certification is the gold standard of supply chain certifications.

Unfortunately, passing 5 exams at over $100/exam is an expensive proposition. Statistics show that approximately 30% of all test takers fail an exam!

You obviously need to maximize your chances of passing the first time! That's were we can help you.

We offer comprehensive online sample exams to assess your ability to pass the real exam. While I can't guarantee that someone passing our sample test will automatically pass the APICS exam, I will guarantee you that failure to score 60% or higher on a sample test offered by this site is a strong indication you will not pass the official exam! Isn't that something you should know prior to your exam date?

Online Exam Format

online sample exams

Our online exams have been developed by one of the most respected APICS instructors in the industry. With over 25 years of supply chain management experience and 200+ CPIM certification courses taught, Dick Verbeek CPIM CIRM CSCP is considered an industry authority on APICS exams!

Each of the online exams is multiple choice, timed, and fully annotated with correct answer feedback.

Your Choice of Multiple or Single Assessment Test Formats

Single Assessment Format:

  • You receive the equivalent of a one-hour online sample test

  • Attempt the test whenever it works for your schedule.

  • Questions are multiple choice just like the official APICS exam

  • You don't need to complete the test in one sitting. Pause the test for as long as you need

  • Upon completion, you will receive detailed question specific feedback

  • Only one attempt allowed for this format.

  • Ideal for assessing your knowledge a few days in advance of the official exam! Fine-tune any weaknesses

Multiple Assessment Format:

  • All of the features of the Single Assessment format PLUS..
  • You receive 5 individual tests for a CPIM module.
  • Each test will choose questions at random from our extensive database. Each test is different from the next.
  • Ideal for tracking your progress throughout the exam preparation process ...
  • Use the first test as a baseline - When you first start studying.
  • Use the second test approximately halfway through your study plan
  • Tests 3, 4 and 5 can be used after most of your studying is complete.

Additional Information



We take pride in the quality of our online CPIM CSCP sample test service. Here is some feedback from one of our happy, and successful clients:

"I wanted to thank you for the speedy and personal assistance that you gave me prior to my test.

Thankfully, I did end up passing.

I think it's a shame that I did not find your online practice test until so late into my studies. However, I think that they did a great job of preparing me for the test and something very similar to one of your practice questions appeared on the test!

I'm going into my senior year at Syracuse University, and I plan on passing along your practice test to my fellow Supply Chain majors that plan on taking the test, and if there's anything else that I could do for you, let me know.

You were quick in your responses and most of all it appeared that you actually did want me to pass. In a test preparation world that tends to only offer options for those willing to spend hundreds of dollars. I believe that the best option for students preparing for the CPIM module 1 test on a budget are your practice test, free portal and the Tony Arnold 'Introduction to Materials Management', which are the only materials I used.

Thanks Again,
Alex Marti"

" Thank you for your response, and the helpful information! I am very pleased (and relieved!) to say that I did pass my SMR test on Friday, and have completed my CPIM certification. Your practice exam was definitely a help to me."

Tammy Cable CPIM 

Complimentary Exams

Complimentary sampler exams are available for all 5 CPIM exams. Try one now!

CSCP sampler exams are also available. Give CSCP a whirl

Free Online Dictionary

Knowing APICS key word terminology is critical to CPIM certification success.

A complimentary dictionary of some key terms is now available.

New terms are added regularly.

Follow this link to the dictionary

Certification Expert

Self Study CDs

2014 Updated Version Now Available


Certification ExpertAPICS Instructors agree that one of the keys to success on an APICS exam is a strong working knowledge of the exam key terminology list.

You can spend hours leafing through the APICS dictionary or you can use Certification Expert.

Each Certification Expert CD is fully updated to include easy to understand definitions for the entire key terminology list as identified by the APICS Exam Committees. Many also include links to educational websites, sample problems, and verbal explanations.

Additional product information and ordering details.

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